June 10, 2011

Character mood

Yay! Another card! This is Camille from TheGreetingFarm and i couldn't figure out if she's happy, kind or both :) Can anyone tell me her mood? I just love the simplicity of her outfit and the "demure" look of her face...i think this is the best word to describe her attitude :) right?!

 I like everything color coordinated so i went ahead and color the image 
as close as the color of the patterned paper which is brown, orange
and light blue green.

I made this beaded flower center and you can find them at my boutique. 
They're great as center pieces for your flowers or 
simply just add them to your pages.

Thanks for stopping by...take care!


NickelNook said...

Gorgeous card Joy! She seems a quite bashful...yet a little bit flirty as well! lol I'd say that "demure" fits beautifully! I love your beautiful flower centers. I've used them on a number of projects...a couple are posted on my blog! They finish a flower perfectly, and you've made them in just the right colors too! Have a wonderful weekend!...Nancy :o)

Elaine said...

Love the card ! xoxo

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