April 30, 2013

Mother's Day Cards - IAR DT

Good morning everyone! :)

I have here 7 cards to share with you today. These are my Mother's Day card going out to my friends! I know i'm way ahead creating these this time :) I just want to be able to send them out early so they'll receive it on time, hopefully! 

I hope you scroll all the way down to see them all lol! They're all similar so it might bore you but just go ahead and hit that down arrow key/page down key on your keyboard or just keep rolling your mouse lol!

IAmRoses products used on these projects:

P25-151 - White Paper Petal Flower
GS-2 - White, Blue, Pink Curly Flowers
ZQL20-839 - Mixed Green Rose Leaves
ZQL20-427 - Mixed Color Rose Leaves (Yellow)
ZQL20-827 - Mixed Brown Rose Leaves

Thanks so much for stopping by...Hugs! Joy

1 comment :

Patricia Roebuck said...

Oh these are gorgeous! I love the design!

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