September 13, 2011

We grow by our dreams...

Way back in 2008 when i was in search of a way to preserve my gazillion stock of family photos lol! I know it's way too many! But who would've not enjoy taking photos when you're using a digital camera without worrying the cost of buying dozens of film right? Those kinds of camera is history though you can still buy them like the disposable ones. So i took the time to search ways to preserve them digitally and i came by a software that can easily turn your ordinary photos to a piece of fantasy art! I was truly impressed with digital scrapbook and all the things about when i don't do traditional scrapbook, i'm busy playing and working digitally :) It's time consuming though but the outcome is well worth the time you spent making it.

So here's my Webster's Pages digital layout i made last's old but it's never late to share it with you all :) right?

My model is my cute bundle of joy! I love this photo of her, as if she's reaching for something...the star dust! :)
The digital elements i used here are not all from Webster's Pages, they're from various sorry i forgot their names.

Thanks for stopping bye...take care!

1 comment :

NickelNook said...

WOW!! It's beautiful, Joy! However, your sweet bundle is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love that you call her your sweet bundle of "joy"! lol I've never tried any digital work but you do it very well! I have one question for you many is a gazillion? haha :o)

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