December 15, 2013

Holiday Tag

Hi there crafty peeps! :)

I'm supposed to make a card but then i realized that i can't fold the cardboard into half as it's quite thick so i made a tag instead lol! Anyway, here's the outcome of my creativity last night :) The background pattern is actually a paper napkin that i decoupaged on a piece of medium weight cardboard and didn't do anything else aside from applying a satin finish varnish by Folkart and coated it with Jo Sanja's Opal Dust, they're the tiny round pinkish holographic glitters you see on the paper. The red Daisies were also accented with glitters to give some dimension and an interesting look. 

Thanks so much for stopping by...Hugs! Joy

1 comment :

Nancy said...

Beautiful tag, Joy! That Opal Dust is fabulous, and the flowers are gorgeous! If it must be a card you could always add a card base to it, but a tag is wonderful! :o)

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