August 11, 2012

Book Card

Hi Everyone! :) i hope you're all having a great weekend!

I'd like to share with you this pretty book card i made years ago lol! I know it's been sitting in my project bin for a while now and i just couldn't give justice to it haha! My poor card is so complaining being neglected (^.^) I was inspired by Natalie Bramasole to make this, she's a talented artist and so good at making this...check her gorgeous creations HERE! Enjoy! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by...Hugs! :)

1 comment :

NickelNook said...

That's beautiful, Joy! I love the colors you used and the addition of the feathers! I used to see Natalie on youtube all the time. I haven't for quite a while now...I'll have to investigate that! Hope you're having happy days! :o)

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