March 01, 2012

Altered Choc. Container

Hi friends!

I'm so sorry for posting this project so computer crashed and wasn't able to get online since. I was only left with just one iphone! but couldn't post any photos here, i don't know if there's a way to do it but anyway, so i had my system repaired and was ok but suddenly something went wrong again and i was so frustrated i couldn't do anything but wish and hope that my computer will work again. I didn't have it checked/repaired again for the second time instead i tried to fix it as if i'm a pro technician lol! so i opened my unit and unplugged the cables of my HDD (hard disk drive), let it run and after a few seconds i turned it off, plugged the cable back on and turned on the unit and still didn't do anything and so my hubby says to check the memory card so i pull out the two memory cards on their slot and dusted off, i cleaned the fans too since they're all covered with dust yaiks! So after cleaning i put the cards back on their slot and run the computer, the unit gave me 3 short beeps and these signal means that there's something wrong with the memory card and so i checked the memory cards again making sure it was on the right place, i struggled pushing them back on the slot since the other memory card is placed under the motherboard's fan which made it so hard to push the card down without touching the fan (i hope you can picture what i was trying to say lol) so not to scratch the card on the edge of the case of the fan. Ok, so after i have all properly placed all the cards back on its slot, i run the unit again and voila! My computer is now running ok!! Whoohoo! lol! Actually, i haven't put the case cover back on my unit yet and the HDD is still hanging out off the unit hehe!...trying to let the air get in for a few minutes before i put it back to its place and close the unit for good :) Whew! that's all i did to bring my computer back to life! And yehey! to me...i did it!! I couldn't be any happier! :) Thanks to my hubby too!

Ok so that's what happened lol! Sorry for the long story but just want to let you know what i've been to. Anywho, here's the purple themed project i made for IAmRoses, this was supposed to be posted on the 21st but yeah my computer died. I was only able to upload the video on my youtube channel. I hope you were able to watch it though.

This photo doesn't do justice, it's prettier in person believe me! :)

Lovely glimmer misted tiny roses from IAmRoses

The edges of the petals were distressed with Ranger's dusty concord crackle paint. Sorry the photo doesn't show the crack texture. 

The flower spray were made by yours truly :) and it's available at my boutique.

List of IAmRoses used on this project:

S10 - white small flowers
R4 - white small rose
R2 - light green tiny roses
Special 3 - white big rose
LO-721 - two toned leaf

Note: Special 3 & LO-721 might be out of stock at the moment, pls. check it back often at IAmRoses store to see if it's available again.

Thanks so much for stopping by...hugs!


NickelNook said...

I'm so happy you're back, Joy! I've missed you! I'm so sorry for all your nasty computer problems! Yay for you and hubby for fixing them yourselves!!
I did see your video and it was wonderful! This is another beautiful project...covered with lovely flowers and goodies!...Nancy :o)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to tell you that I love your blog!!! Amazing!!! Thanks for all the inspiration!!! I have you on my huge list of blogs I love to read and visit!! Check the link here

Again thank you so much!!!

Angela Holt
The Bling Theory

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