May 11, 2013

DIY Rubber Stamp

Hi there crafty friends! :)

Here's a quick post i cannot wait to share it with you! I made another DIY rubber stamp out of a large eraser. Yes it's an eraser lol! I got it from Daiso for little less than a dollar which is cheap (children's eraser type, size is 2 1/2"x 3 3/4). So for those who are in a budget or who doesn't have access to this kind of stamp (beehive/honey comb), all you have to do is grab your kiddos erasers and start carving shapes on it lol! Anyway, i hope you get to try making one too! :)

Here's the stamped image i did on a white piece of paper and since i used a distress ink, you can see parts of the image kinda faded which gives more of a texture look.

And here's a close up look on the honey comb shape of the stamp, as you can see it's not really perfect at all but it works great! I just used the octagon shape of my stencil to draw and just repeated the same shape to come up with this pattern.

It's easier to make a continuous stamp pattern when you cut the excess part of the eraser just like what i did on mine.

Thanks so much for stopping by...Hugs! Joy

1 comment :

Mira said...

wow this is gorgeous idea! Wondeful! Thanks for shearing!

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