July 05, 2012

Make your own rubber stamps!

Howdy friends! :)

I thought i would share with you today my handmade rubber stamps and how i made them. It's super easy and inexpensive and so much fun! I love making them and will show you the rest of the stamps i made this weekend! :) They're super cute!!

So this is my ugly eraser lol! As you can see it's pretty beat up! I used to poke it with my pen and stick pins haha! Sometimes i do crazy and silly things with my stuff (^.^)

The original shape of this eraser is rectangle, i just trimmed it to the shape of chevron.

 First, i took a piece of cardstock and drew the shape of chevron and cut it out and placed it on top of the eraser and traced it twice.

I then used my craft knife and started carving the chevron shape pictured above. That tiny piece on the right side is the leftover piece of the eraser that i turned into a triangle stripe stamp :)

And here's the stamped images :) I just loved the distressed look of the chevron stamp and these tiny striped triangles, aren't they cute!!

I hope you like and enjoy my blog post for today, go make your eraser stamps too!

 Thanks so much for stopping by...Hugs!

1 comment :

Rebekah Wiebe said...

Thanks for sharing this Joy. I am going to try this. We have so many yucky erasers laying around. Yours stamped out great. Even a distressed look to it. Thanks for the inspiration. Rebekah

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