June 13, 2012

DIY - Bakers Twine Tutorial

Good day crafty friends!

So i thought i would share with you how i make my own Bakers Twine. It's so easy and pretty cheap to make!  I had so much fun making these and i'm going to make more!! (^.^)

You will need at least a yard of yarn for this tutorial. Here i used 10 yards of cream color 4 ply yarn. You can use pure white too! It just happened that i have a cream color so that's what i used here and it turned out like a vintage twine :)

You can use any type of marker that you already have in your stash, in this tutorial i used my Copic Marker.  

Use a roller pin or your regular ruler to wrap the yarn around it. Start with taping the end of your yarn to your roller pin and begin spinning the yarn until you have all the yarn rolled, see #5. Then tape the other end of your yarn to secure it.

Take your Marker with the color of your choice and begin running it horizontally to your yarn, here i used "crimson red" Copic Marker.

After you colored your yarn, you can either store it on a wooden spoon just like what i did here or you can also use clothes pin, paper/plastic bobbins or simply use manila tag! 

Here's the dark blue and lime green that i made!

I hope you like this tutorial and hope you're inspired to create your own Bakers Twine :)

Thanks so much for stopping by...Hugs!

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